Guide to Successful Dental Advertising

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  • This is the ultimate guide to becoming the dominant and most profitable Dental Practice in your area
  • This is not about predictions. Instead you will discover tested strategies that are already proven to work right now… and will continue to work in 2019 and beyond
  • This is about a trackable increase in incoming calls that increases your chair time
  • If you are looking for the easiest, most cost-effective way to fill your practice with high-income patients that pay, stay and refer their high-income friends and family, you are going to love what you will discover in this guide
  • If your incoming calls dropped after Google’s Possum update, pay special attention to what is revealed here
  • Let’s dive in!

Chapter 1 – The Missing Link in Most Advertising

Before we explore what makes advertising bring the highest possible Return On Investment, let’s review Marketing 101.

Marketing 101 is:

Message –You need a powerful marketing message with a maximum number of response triggers to make your practice stand out from the competition and cause prospects to reach for the phone to book their appointment immediately.

Market – You need to target the right niche market that will be easy to reach and the most profitable for you to serve.

Media – Your marketing Media used to expose your marketing message must be the Media that the majority of your ideal prospects use to source a vendor, or they won’t see it.

Timing – If your ideal target prospect does not see your marketing message at the exact moment they need your services, it is as if they never saw your message. This is because the human mind is trained to ignore all marketing messages not immediately pertinent to them, because humans are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day by TV, radio, the internet and print media.

While the first 3 are important, this guide focuses on getting perfect Timing of your marketing message to dramatically increase your advertising ROI.

Chapter 2 – Timing and Visibility of Your Marketing Message

For local dental practices, appearing in the Google 3-Pack is THE #1 thing you can do to fill your appointment calendar and increase your chair time, as you will discover in this guide.

What Is the Google 3-Pack,  and Why Is It So Important?

The Google 3-Pack is a group of three local Google My Business listings that appear at the very top of Google Search listings (outlined in red below), or just below the paid AdWords ads.

Only Google My Business listings appear in Google Maps. If you are in one of the top 3 positions in Google Search, your practice will appear in the same position in Google Maps too, more than DOUBLING your exposure to local prospects!

Google 3 Pack View
Google Local Businesses Listings View

Prospects worldwide now overwhelmingly use Google to source a local provider 78% of the time (up 10% from 68% last 12 months).

The Google 3-Pack ranks in the #1 position in 93% of Google searches, according to a study by seoClarity

This makes ranking in the Google 3-Pack the #1, absolutely essential position for your dental practice, because it quickly reveals to prospects that you are the most relevant to their search query.

Chapter 3 – A Positive Review Profile is Essential For Attracting High-Income Prospects and Converting  Them Immediately into New Patients.

The Google 3-Pack provides an at-a-glance snapshot of your dental practice in a busy world, where prospects make buying decisions based mostly on just 2 factors:

  • Whether they can find your practice at all (Google visibility)
  • What patients are saying about you and your practice (Google reviews/online reputation)

But being ranked highly in the Google 3-Pack goes beyond just visibility or Maps ranking for Maps ranking sake.  In fact, it directly ties into a prospects’ buying decision by creating and increasing TRUST.

Research by Google shows that 76% of prospects who conduct a local search contact a local business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

The Timing of Your Marketing Message is

What Most Dental Advertisers Get Wrong

That Kills Response and ROI

This is because Google Maps listings hit the “Timing” aspect of marketing perfectly vs, TV, radio, print media, etc. Google Maps users are ready to buy now. The prospect is searching on Google because they have no referral, and they need a provider NOW. Not only are Google users buyers, but they are the exact high-income prospects most practices would love to attract, because they have the most disposable income as demonstrated by the smart phones and notepads they buy.

These prospects are at the end of their “buying research”, and are looking for a local provider to buy from now, not being fed random ads when they aren’t interested and don’t need it, as in other advertising Medias like print, TV and Radio.

With a top Google 3-Pack listing, you are on your way to more phone calls and sales with the highest possible conversion to sale on your incoming calls from these affluent, “ready-to-buy” prospects.

Google 3 Pack Versatility

As shown below, the Google 3-Pack does a few things. From their smart phone, prospects can click on your practice’s name, which gives prospects more information about your practice, including a click-to-call button. Or prospects can use a click-to-call button directly from the Google 3-Pack results. (See “Call” button pictures in Figure 1)

Google Local Business view in Mobile

Figure 1: Google Local Business view in Mobile

Click to call is essential to the growth of your practice because a Google study shows that 70% of mobile prospects use the click to call feature to reach a local business from the Google 3-Pack/Maps results.

Chapter 4 – Critical Factors to Many More New Patients

Since the Google 3-Pack results are largely prioritized based on the location of the searcher, your ability to attract more phone calls and leads to your practice is based on two critical factors:

1) Your Practices’ Visibility –

You need to outrank your competitors on Google, and have your listing seen in as many parts of town as possible, with dozens of factors that play into your ability to achieve this.

2) Your Practices’ Reviews –

Dozens of glowing reviews.  Nothing will attract a potential patient to schedule an appointment faster than dozens of glowing reviews on Google and Yelp (the 2 most important review sites). On the other hand, a lack of reviews or negative reviews can prevent prospects from being interested, and is proven to kill sales.

Ask yourself, “How many times have I used online reviews to make a buying decision?”, and you will quickly confirm that a great review profile and practice reputation will attract many more new patients.

* Note – If you look to see where you rank in Google from your practice location, you will appear at a higher ranking than your prospects will see, because location is a major ranking factor. By searching from your practice location, you are probably the #1 result. Most prospects search from up to 5-10 miles away, so check your Google ranking on your cell phone from 5-10 miles away from your practice location on an “incognito window” so browser history doesn’t influence results, and you will see a more realistic result of where your practice ranks on Google.

I only trust Google ranking results from a paid Search Engine Rank Checking Tool, recognized by experts. (I can determine your practice’s actual Google ranking with my paid rank checker before we speak on the phone.)

Chapter 5 – Do Google Prospects Trust the

Google 3-Pack More than the Paid AdWords Ads?

There are a few ways to gain visibility on Page 1 of Google’s local search results:

  • You can pay for ads through Google AdWords
  • Be ranked highly in the Google 3-Pack
  • Or be one of the top 10 organic listings below the Google 3-Pack

Because effectively using your advertising budget is vital to the success of your practice, you may be wondering which position attracts the most attention to give you the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI)? The Google 3-Pack is the clear winner.

Why? It is consistently noticed and trusted more often when it comes to local searches.

Receiving the highest ROI on your advertising means that you are attracting new patients for significantly less than your competition.

This gives you the ability to grow your practice faster and at lower cost than your competition. That, my friend, is a HUGE competitive advantage for your practice!

Why Don’t Prospects Trust Google AdWords Ads?

Google AdWords ads fall behind both the Google 3-Pack and the top 10 organic results in trustworthiness, because people don’t believe paid ads to be trustworthy or relevant in search engine results. Some prospects have even picked up computer viruses and malware by clicking on these paid ads.

A study by Search Engine Watch found that:

  • 68% of prospects prefer the local Google 3-Pack
  • 27 % prefer the organic results below the Google 3-Pack
  • and only 10 % trust paid search results

As you can see, if only one of 3 positions available garners 68% of all searcher’s trust, having your practice appear in the Google 3 pack is an absolute must. This is where your dental practice will receive the most new patients and the highest possible ROI for your advertising budget.

Opinion on Search Results

Figure 2 : Opinion on Search Results

In addition, AdWords search results often provide little return on investment, because the average cost per click is very high and growing every year, with some popular keyword-clicks costing as much as $50 or more per click. In addition, companies that use AdWords see a very low click-through rate of 2% or less according to WordStream.

Even if you manage to attract a decent number of clicks, the average conversion is dismal at 2-3% on the high end.

That means you would need about 100 clicks to get just 2-3 phone calls. Not very appealing results, right? (See Figure 2)

So, Google prospects skip the AdWords ads and move straight to the Google 3-Pack to determine which practice will be best for them.

Here are the 3 things prospects review to make a buying decision:

  1. Your practice information
  2. Photos posted of your practice
  3. Reviews of patients’ experiences with the practice

Will it be your practice that has the best Google exposure and reputation, or will it be your competition?

If 2 % of all clicks and a 2-3% conversion rate on AdWords ads does not sound appealing, how does 44% of all clicks sound to you?

The Google 3-Pack receives the majority of actual clicks on a results page, at a 44% rate, according to Moz. Link: The survey results are below in Figure 3.

Statistical CTR analysis

Figure 3 : Statistical CTR analysis

The Moz study shows that prospects favor and click on the Google 3-Pack listings the most. The study also found that prospects were less likely to click on the practice website link or directions. Instead, they clicked on the practice name itself, which sends patients to the Google My Business listing, where they can find the practices’ information, photos and reviews along with their phone number and contact information.

You will recall from above, that the majority of your potential patients make actual buying decisions from the Google 3-Pack.

Chapter 6 – Having No Reviews Kills Conversion to Sale

It is important to note that practices that did not have reviews received no interest at all from prospects (more on the importance of reviews below). The study showed that positive reviews are vital to spark patient interest, and are critical to be noticed within the Google 3-Pack.

Finally, this study in Figure 3 along with Figure 4 shows that companies with the highest rating in the Google 3-Pack received the most attention. Although the organic listings in the second study represented 40% of the clicks and finished first, the Google 3-Pack finished second with 33% percent of customer interest.

Statistical analysis of Google clicks

Figure 4 : Statistical analysis of Google clicks

See the heat map showing where prospects eyes focused on the page, pictured below in Figure 5.

Google local clicks heatmap

                                                                  Figure 5 : Google local clicks Heatmap

In this example in Figure 5, the first practice in the Google 3-Pack is the same as the first practice in the organic search results below it. That practice received most of the attention likely because of its top spot in both categories. Although, the second listing in the Google 3-Pack got a lot of attention as well because it has a 5-star review status. The two top companies in the Google 3-Pack received most of the attention on the page, and the practice with no reviews did not receive any attention at all.

Again, it is worth pointing out that the Google 3-Pack clicks land on the business name (Google My Business page photos, reviews, business description, and hours) itself, where users can find the practice’s phone number.

So while organic listings received a few more clicks in this study, it is likely that less phone calls and sales resulted from those clicks.

Why Are Online Reviews Critically Important to

Attracting a Steady Stream of New Patients?

Your potential patients place a huge emphasis on third party reviews, which typically don’t appear on a website, and when they do are less trustworthy because they can be manipulated.

Prospects use reviews on Google and Yelp as a decision-making shortcut by using the experience of others to determine the best local provider for them.

Furthermore, after reading reviews, your potential patients are visiting your website less and less, and instead making their decision based on those Google reviews (see the Bright Local study, Figure 6, later in this guide).

Chapter 7 – Reviews Impact on Attracting New Patients from Your Google 3-Pack Listing

Patient reviews have a big impact on the behavior of patients and the performance of a practices’ brand. Reviews may quite literally make or break sales of your dental services. The quality and quantity of Google and Yelp reviews plays a huge role in a practices’ bottom line.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88% of prospects read online reviews, and 85% of people trust them just as much as a personal recommendation.

So, a lack of positive reviews on Google and other crowd-sourced review websites like Yelp, or ignoring patient reviews as a potential marketing opportunity means that a practice is excluding a whopping 88% of their potential prospects that make their buying decision based largely on the practices reviews and online reputation.

In other words, prospects want to read reviews to help aid them with their buying decisions. Your practice loses an opportunity to attract patients if prospects do not see dozens of positive reviews, and pass up your practice for the practice with the best review profile.

While location and price can be important factors in choosing a local practice, no other factor is more important than positive patient reviews.

Research shows that 68% of prospects are more likely to use a local practice after reading positive reviews, while 40% of prospects go to competitors after they read unfavorable reviews (See figure 6).

Local Consumer Review Survey

Figure 6 : Local Consumer Review Survey

More Review Stars Attracts More Clicks

on Your Google Maps 3-Pack Listing

The number of review stars a practice receives from its’ patients makes a huge impression on dental prospects, and dramatically increases the rate at which they contact a practice in the Google 3-Pack.

Listings with five-star reviews earned 69% of the attention on the Google 3-Pack, while four stars earned 59% of the attention, and three stars earned 44% (See figure 7).

Star ratings impact in CTR

Figure 7 : Star ratings impact in CTR

In addition, the number of reviews is important the build consumer trust. Prospects read as many as 21 or more reviews before making a buying decision. The normal range is reading between 2 and 10 reviews, for 83% of prospects.

But 7% of prospects read 11-20 reviews, and 6% more want feedback that exceeds 20 reviews (See figure 8).

Review reading data to trust business

Figure 8 : Review reading data to trust business

The Importance of Reviews on Google 3-Pack Visibility

Online reviews are also important because they can somewhat influence a practice’s ability to rank in the Google 3-Pack, as well as in the organic or natural search engine results. There is also some speculation that reviews on other third-party review sites can help you rank higher as well.

According to Forbes magazine,

Google uses information from many third-party directories and review sites, such as Yelp.

Whether Google only factors in Google reviews or third-party reviews as well, the bottom line is that the more positive reviews you have, the higher your odds of ranking in Google’s 3-Pack, and not below the 3-Pack line, where you will find a link to “More places.” You do not want to be in this spot because you completely lose visibility on page 1 of Google Search. The buying public simply rarely looks beyond the “most relevant” Google 3 pack results.

While ranking in local organic search results (the results that appear just below the 3 pack) continues to be a top factor in whether a practice will rank in the 3 pack (typically depending on many variables not discussed here), a well optimized website and reviews dominated all other ranking factors, according to Local SEO Guide.

Chapter 8- Why Do Reviews Help Your Practice Rank Higher?

Reviews help Google to use a number of signals for its primary ranking factors, and reviews help Google’s search engine to determine trending practices, which can increase a practices’ ranking.

This works because reviews have date stamps, so current customer engagement is visible to Google. That is why you will observe in the graph below in Figure 9 that average weekly and monthly reviews, as well as new reviews in the past month, play a big role in the search results placement within the Google 3-Pack.

How Reviews play role in Google pack 3

Figure 9 : How Reviews play role in Google pack 3 (Courtesy : Local SEO Guide)

The Bottom Line on the Importance of Reviews

The importance of online reviews is rising in every important customer category, and numerous surveys indicate that prospects demand reviews when making a buying decision. Also, Google’s search results use consumer reviews when determining rankings factors for the Google 3-Pack.

Patient reviews are critically important to attracting new patients, and that has been increasing each year. So, the longer you wait to start optimizing the reviews your prospect sees most, the more marketshare you stand to lose to your competition.

Online shoppers demand reviews to speed their buying decisions, and reviews are responsible for better online visibility and ranking in organic search results and within the Google 3-Pack.

Keywords are Now Bold in Google Reviews

You can see below that the keywords the prospect entered can now appear under your listing in one of your reviews in bold, attracting the prospect’s attention as a perfect match for their search. This dramatically increases conversion to sale of local prospects, and there is a trick to getting your patients to leave keywords in their reviews I apply that is too detailed to share here.

Best Cosmetic Dentist New York City

Chapter 9 – Websites Are Becoming Less of a Factor

A Bright Local study conducted for the past several years shows a trend that simply can’t be ignored.  Prospects are relying less and less on websites to determine if they will do business with you or not. Many prospects never visit your website. They gather their information for the Google 3 Pack, and make a decision.

Instead, what matters is what has been detailed in this report.

Bright Local concluded the following:

Key Findings

  • 17% fewer people will visit a business website after reading good reviews than in 2016 (37% this year compared to 54% in 2016)
  • The number of prospects who would visit a business as their next step has grown by 10% in the last year to 17%
  • 10% of prospects now contact a business after reading a positive review profile

Chapter 10 – What Does This Mean for Your Dental Practice?

You must start to work with cutting-edge digital marketing companies who understand how to get your practice into the Google 3 Pack as soon as possible. Their top priority should be to implement cutting-edge Possum strategies that will propel their practice up in Google Maps and Google Search until they rank in the 3-Pack, while integrating with Voice Search and User Experience that are also critically important.

Dental Practices should be profiting from excellent Google visibility for their top keywords, and a solid review profile to bring the prospects up to speed, knock them off “the fence of indecision”, and compel them to immediately call your practice for an appointment.

Most digital marketing companies are only focused on ranking websites in the organic search engine results, or managing an AdWords campaign. None of these options have the trust, visibility and attention of your potential patients like the listings in the Google 3-Pack does.


Appearing in the Google 3-Pack is the first step to attracting attention to your Brand, and encouraging prospective patients to call your practice to book an appointment.

Working to create a top Google 3-Pack listing, and looking superior and more relevant with lots of positive reviews will bring your practice the highest possible ROI on your advertising budget.

 If you choose not to focus your efforts on Google exposure and reputation management, you are likely to suffer defeat at the hands of perceptive competitors, who are already heavily leveraging this positive Brand positioning in the Google 3-Pack to attract a steady stream of new patients at a lower cost than their competition.

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