Facebook Ads Campaign Process

Facebook advertising is confusing and frustrating.

Facebook recommends you, “Boost your post”, yet most never see an increase in sales from that recommendation, just a few new “Likes”.

So how do you make gobs of money with Facebook ads, and how does our agency implement a campaign so that it is very successful at attracting ideal new patients for your practice?

Here I reveal our “No Theory, Just Proven Results” Facebook ads process at More Dental Patients Now:

Facebook Advertising Campaign Set-up for New Clients:

1) Competitor Research

  • Screenshot their ads and put in Google Drive doc for easy retrieval
  • Find their best images, Headlines and landing pages
  • Determine what you can do to 1 up them

2) Funnel/Lander Research

  • Plan how prospects move thru the funnel
  • Traffic from Facebook ads
  • Plan out especially longer funnels
  • Informational Piece first, like a blog post or ss video
  • Give the benefits of using the product or service
  • Getting prospects to read or view post is step 1 on longer funnels

3) Retargeting Ads Set Up

  • 1 -10 ads with top benefits of product or service, “did you know…”
  • Only when a prospect goes to a specific page does the retargeting ad with benefits of that specific product or service page visited fire
  • Funnels took a campaign from losing money to a 6 to 1

3) Audience Angles

  • Determine up to 4 potential audiences
  • Then write copy and use images that target these audiences

4) Start Ads

  • Generate call-tracker phone number and recording of incoming calls to improve conversion of sale on the incoming call
  • Write the Copy, Source the Images and Build out the Landing pages
  • Craft compelling, benefit-laden copy with a maximum number of response triggers
  • Find image of the prospect experiencing the benefits
  • Consider using the images similar to a competitor is using after testing
  • Analyzing and Testing Campaigns by testing images, headlines, body copy, audiences and offers to reduce cost per click to the absolute minimum!
  • Replace ads with new ads when the ad shows “ad fatigue” and response slows

5) Test Landing Page Variations LAST

  • Headlines of landing page must match ad headline!!!
  • Key response triggers added and tested

6) Create Email Auto-Responder sequence(s)

  • Use for non-impulse purchases
  • Then email sequence of events, discount codes or specials in the future

7) Add Chat-Bot to website with Facebook messenger for automated responses to the most frequently asked questions, and push notifications for special offers with the highest open rates.

8) Start Facebook Messenger Ads

9) Our Agency is now researching virtual reality and app advertising just about to hit the market that will be ideal places to advertise once they open up. The first advertisers will get new patients for incredibly low investment!

We are continually testing and tracking what works best as Facebook advertising evolves. Naturally, key details about our process have been intentionally left out so that our competition does not copy our proven successful Facebook ads process.

Our Agencies Commitment to Go, “Above and Beyond”

More Dental Patients Now not only generates the leads, but teaches you how to double your booking rate on the incoming call, which makes ALL your advertising and promotion TWICE AS PROFITABLE!

*To implement and build-out all of these lead generation automations takes between 6 – 12 months to implement, trouble-shoot and test, so it is bringing the highest number of new patients possible at the lowest possible cost.

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