Discover How to Get Your Dental Practice Found Online

to Fill Your Calendar Quickly

with a Flood of New High-Income Patients!

Dental Practices that Have a Constant Stream of New Patients

Do 2 Things Very Well

  1. They position their practice in front of the majority of their local dental prospects within a 10 mile radius of their practice address on Google Search and Google Maps.
  2. They put the majority of their marketing budget into implementing the marketing that those prospects will see when looking for a local dental provider. But, you’re probably wondering:
    “How do I find successful dental office marketing ideas and dental promotions that are actually proven to work to attract the most new patients possible to my practice?”
    If you are looking for a dental office marketing plan that you can implement to create the most consistent and cost-effective source of new patients, then you are going to love this information.

Here You Will Discover that High ROI Dental Marketing Can Be as Simple as Implementing the Top 3 Local Marketing Strategies Proven to Outperform ALL Others for Local Dental Practices.

The Majority of Local Prospects Now Go to Google to Find a Local Dentist

The latest online marketing studies have shown that 78% of all dental prospects go to Google to find a local provider (up from 68% last year). Many local dentists are wasting a huge portion of their advertising budgets on sites like Yelp and others that represent less than 4% of all online searches.

If you went fishing with your child hoping to help them catch a fish, would you go to the place where there are 4% of the fish, or would you go where 78% of the fish are located?

Dental offices that are spending 78% of their advertising budget where 78% of the dental prospects go, are allocating their advertising budgets for maximum new patients. All too often, I see a practice that is spending the majority of their advertising budget on something other than Google visibility and reputation, which is a HUGE mistake that costs them new patients and profits.

I have my own method proven to position your dental practice to be found in both Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Maps is the most highly researched source of local providers for prospects using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Google Maps only displays local businesses that have Google My Business pages. And with the increase in use of mobile devices to do local searches online, Google Maps will continue to be the place you will want your practice  to be positioned

I have found that many local businesses do not realize the value and importance of their Google My Business page.

My research and Google Analytics show that Google My Business pages commonly get between 14-23 times more visits than a practice’s website. So it is super important that your Google My Business page be optimized to rank highly to be found on the mobile devices prospects are using to search locally!

Google Favors “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization in Its Rankings!

I specialize in optimizing your website to deliver authority to your Google My Business page using only “White Hat” SEO tactics that conform to Google’s best practices. I never stoop to using Black Hat SEO strategies that will negatively affect your Google ranking long term, and can even get you banned from the internet.

You may be asking:
“Why does Google hate my website, and how can I discover what is holding my website back in Google’s search rankings?”

FREE “Live” Deep Website Audit & 10 Point Road Map

The first step in my system to make your local marketing more consistent and cost-effective is to start by offering you a Free, “Live” Website Audit and 10 Point Road Map. This audit will identify what has already been done, and what should be prioritized to fix and upgrade next.

There Are 5 Differences that Make My Dental Marketing Company that Are

Different and Better for You than My Competition:

1) I automatically give you a “10 mile radius Area Exclusive”, so that a competitor cannot hire me and cut your results in half by applying the exact same strategies. I see other companies’ brag that they have 500+ clients, and that just means that many competitive dentists in your area are already applying those exact same dental marketing strategies.

I protect your results with an area, exclusive to you, that I will not allow another dentist to hire me even to do a small job. This gives you and your practice 100% of the results that these proven strategies produce.

2) I answer my own phone during normal business hours. You won’t have to try to communicate your question or concern to a secretary or voicemail. And you’ll get accurate answers to your most pressing concerns quickly.

3) I work one-on-one with only a select few dozen dentists that really want to position their practice for success. You won’t be delegated to some “well-meaning” employee in some cubicle that has far less than my 40+ years experience in marketing and building local practices.

I understand through 40+ years experience building local practices and businesses:

  • Direct-Response and Search Engine Optimization copywriting (Dan Kennedy Certified)
  • Exactly which Dental Response Triggers must be positioned in your website that prospects use to make a buying decision (HUGE Conversion to Sale improvement)
  • Everything Google including: Google My Business/Google Plus, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, Google Speed Insights, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google Optimizer… to name just a few
  • How to make your practice the “practice of choice” in your area by building a powerfully compelling marketing message with a maximum number of response triggers, that will peak prospect’s interest and get them to call
  • Building, optimizing and securing WordPress and HTML5 websites
  • Keyword research and how to inject LSI keywords that Google loves into your copy
  • How Eye Flow, Reader Gravity and Layout directly affect comprehension and profits (prospects will not buy what they do not understand)
  • How to interpret heat map videos of visitors navigating your website; where they look, where they click, where they scroll and where the “choke points” are that are killing your sales
  • How to increase Click Thru Rates and the Dwell Time time visitors spend on your website to increase your Google ranking and results
  • How to use paid tools to compare your website with your competition, leaving a precise list of what is needed to implement to overtake them in the local Google rankings
  • How to find keywords and phrases that you are ranking in position 5 – 20 for already, and how to increase the rankings of those keywords to quickly increase organic website traffic
  • Which Social Media brings new patients, and which Social Media are a total waste of time and money
  • How the depth of SEO development of the website page connected to your Google My Business page is a leading factor in determining its’ search engine ranking.
  • How to systemize getting a steady flow of Google and Yelp 5 star reviews

And how these ALL work synergistically together to increase response and profits.

4) I work to make your marketing simple. Simple to understand, and as simple as possible to implement. That way you can do what you do best… run your practice!

5) You must apply to see if your area is available, or if one of your local competition has already hired me. Simply email me at [email protected], and put “Application” in the subject line. Then please include:

Your Name
Your Practice name
Your Cell Phone Number, so I can reach you
Any questions or projects that you have.

This will give me enough information to investigate if your area is still available for my services, and I will reply to let you know and schedule a time to discuss your local marketing and New Patient Conversion Funnel.

I Go the Extra Mile for You and Your Practice

More Dental Patients Now does more than just offer you an impersonal automated SEO audit and emailed report for you to figure out how to implement, like some dental marketing companies.

I go the extra mile and offer you a Free, “Live” Website Audit, where you will see on your computer screen how I audit your site in depth, give you the chance to ask pertinent questions, and create a clear, custom 10 Point Road Map for your practice that prioritizes and details step-by-step where to start, and what to do next.

No one else offers this Free, “Live” Deep Website Audit and 10 Point Road Map specifically for dental practices. This gives you not just a website audit, but a ready-to-implement dental office marketing plan.

Split Testing Reveals What Marketing Message

Attracts the Most New Dental Patients in Your Area!

I recommend setting up and integrating Google Analytics along with Google Search Console to understand website visitor behavior and improve conversation to sale of those visitors. Inside Google Analytics I can set up split testing of your new patient offer, headline, body copy and any other website feature or element.

Most dental practices never split test their marketing message and new patient offers, which causes them to miss what benefits and offers work most consistently and cost-effectively to attract new patients.

My goal is to position your dental practice to produce a consistent stream of new patients in the most cost-effective ways possible.

Dental Prospects Now Use Reviews as a

“Decision-Making Shortcut”

Human brains are very large proportionally, and require a lot of energy to maintain. Prospects are drawn to reviews because they are “decision-making shortcuts” that allow us to use less brain energy to make a buying decision. We increasingly use others buying decisions, by reading the reviews, to evaluate if we will be happy with the purchase and/or procedure.

You’re probably wondering:

“How can I get a steady stream of 5 star reviews for my dental practice?”

Because good reviews are so important to dental practices conversion to sale, you need to implement a review system.

I give my clients a custom review system proven to generate more 5 star reviews than any other review system I have tested. Using this system will generate a steady stream of positive 5 star reviews for your practice.

These reviews are not only used by prospects to see which dentist they should choose, but are also used by Google as a prime ranking factor.

Dental practices with a steady supply of positive reviews tend to outrank those with few or no reviews. Reviews are very important and cannot be ignored.

“Any dentist without your system is throwing easy money away and not getting the new patients they deserve.”

–Dr. Patrick Wahl

Ask me about creating your practice a custom review system to protect your online reputation and increase your number of Google reviews, when I do your FREE “Live” Deep Website Audit & 10 Point Road Map.

Schedule Your FREE “Live” Deep Website Audit &

10 Point Road Map Today!

Isn’t it time that you found out:

“Does Google hate your website, or does it just favor your competitions’?”

This whole process of upgrading your dental office marketing plan begins with your Free “Live” Deep Website Audit & 10 Point Road Map appointment. To schedule your dental website audit and custom road map appointment, contact Larry at [email protected]

Your dental website audit and road map will detail exactly what is holding your website back from the higher response and better Google and other search engine rankings, that will drive new patients to your practice. You will get a 10-point list with your “ready-to-implement dental office marketing plan”.

Deeper Local Dental Competition Analysis

An even more thorough investigation can compare your local competition’s websites side-by-side with your website. That in-depth comparative analysis will reveal just what is holding your practice website back from ranking above your competition on Google Search and Google Maps in your area.

My goal is to show you that dental marketing can be as simple as implementing the 3 most consistent and cost-effective sources of new patients. This helps you avoid all the possible dental office marketing ideas that eat up your time & budget, and do little to produce new patients.

But the first step is to contact me at [email protected] to double-check if your area is still available, and to schedule your FREE “Live” Deep Website Audit & 10 Point Road Map.

Simply email me at [email protected] and put “Application” in the subject line. Then please include:

Your Name
Your Practice name
Your Cell Phone Number, so I can reach you
Any questions or projects that you have.

Do it now before you forget, and your area is locked up by your competition.