Facebook Ad Campaign Initial Results

I just want to post some initial results from a dental Facebook ads campaign that is only a few days old.

With all our campaigns, we start with 6 images and 2 specific audiences to test which performs best. After getting some results, we pause the under-performing ads and start new ones with a different headline to see if we can beat our top performing ad (our “Control”). It is this continual testing and tweaking we do that increases the number of new patient leads generated, and reduces the cost per click and overall campaign costs.

Facebook is the ideal platform to test advertising because the feedback comes in days, not months! We can generate new patient leads in as little as 2 days after launch of the campaign.

Facebook ads

This image shows how many leads generated and the cost per lead at the very beginning of the campaign.

So 2 leads were generated in the first few days for between $6.58 and $20.18 per lead. This is prior to the optimization that will reduce the cost per click and the cost per lead.

Facebook ads

This image shows Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click Thru Rate (CTR) at the beginning of the campaign.

In the image above you can see clicks as low as $.66, and a Click Thru rate (CTR) of as high as 3.95% (2% is considered good), and this is at the launch of the campaign prior to any optimization or additional headline testing. I actually have another campaign with a CTR of 33.3%, but that is early in the campaign and not necessarily representative of what you can expect in your campaign.

Right now, I am offering a Free 14 Day Trial Campaign where I remove the regular $100 campaign set-up fee (there is a lot to do to set one of these campaigns up correctly so it produces the most new patients possible), and all you pay is the per click charges directly to Facebook. We typically set the daily budget to only $10 – 15 dollars a day for the trial campaign, and you decide that amount.

***This Free Facebook Ads Trial Campaign lets you see if this will work for your practice to bring tens if not hundreds of new patients to your practice for only a $140 – 210 investment! And I handle all the complex, techy stuff for you!

To get started, you can reach me 3 ways:

  1. Call me at (775) 277-3722, and say “I want to start a trial Facebook ads campaign!”
  2. Email me at – [email protected], and put “Facebook ads trial campaign” in the subject line.
  3. Book a date and time to speak on the phone that work best for you at my online calendar at – https://calendly.com/asklarryconn 

Contact me before I remove this special, and you have to pay the regular $1000 set up fee to launch your Facebook ads campaign. I look forward to speaking with you about attracting many more new patients to your practice!