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Discover how to get many new patients per month with Search Engine Optimization.

Dental Website Search Engine Optimization

Ideally, your practice would appear at the top of Google and other search engines search results for your most highly searched keywords and phrases. As the internet and its’ use have grown, competition to rank in the most lucrative top positions has become fierce.

When you optimize your website and Google My Business page for Local SEO, you can pass many of your competitors’ websites ranking, and ideally have your business displayed 2 times on page #1 of Google’s search results. Once in the top 3 Google My Business listings, and once below in the organic website listings for the maximum amount of exposure. This provides organic traffic (the best kind!) to your GMB page and website.

Many consumers know that the Google pay-per-click ads may not be the most relevant content, and can even contain malware and computer viruses. So, most dental prospects trust the organic listings that appear below the Google pay-per-click ads. They know that those listings had to compete for ranking based on “relevancy to the term searched”.

It is proven that organic traffic produces the most valuable prospects that convert to sale at a higher rate from your website and Google My Business page than from Google ads (formerly AdWords).

The truth is most prospects trust the Google My Business pages and the organic website listings more than the Google ads. So you want to position your practice in both the Google My Business listings AND organic website listings on page #1 of Google to take advantage of both buying strategies dental prospects use to find a local dental provider.

Dental SEO Company

For the best search engine optimization results, you need to optimize your Google My Business page and make it more geographically relevant than your local competition. At More Dental Patients Now, we use the latest strategies and tactics to move our clients up in the Google Search AND Google Maps rankings, and you will see it in increased new patients booking your next available appointment. Our strategies actually move BOTH your website and GMB page up in the rankings, simultaneously!

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