Dental Retargeting Ads

Wouldn’t it be great to get more sales of the high profit services you offer from your existing website visitors? Dental retargeting ads are the answer for vastly improving conversion to sale of your current website visitors!

What Are Dental Retargeting Ads?

Retargeting or “remarketing” is creating ads that follow your website visitors online after they leave your website. These are especially important for your highest  profit dental procedures.

Here’s how they work. A code is placed in your website that creates a list of all the prospects that visited your website by putting a retargeting cookie in the website visitors’ browser.

So when a website prospect visits your page on “Implants” for example, a tracking cookie is created and installed in their browser. That way, we can identify your prospect as already interested in that specific service. Then we can retarget them to see your ads and offer for that specific service, AFTER they have left your website.

Following prospects with additional information and/or offers in your retargeting ads is proven to DOUBLE or TRIPLE conversion to sales from your existing website traffic.

So Why Isn’t Every Dental Practice Implementing Retargeting Ads?

I can think of 5 reasons why more dentists do not implement re-targeting ads to increase sales and profits. They do not understand how:

  • these retargeting ads increase sales so dramatically
  • to set them up and get started
  • little it costs in pay-per-click charges, and the high ROI
  • few of their competition are doing this, and how it makes their practice stand out above the competition
  • this will lower the average cost to attract new patients to their practice and make them more profitable

How many times have you searched for something on the internet, and then seen an ad later for that exact same item? That was a “retargeting or remarketing” ad. They are very effective because they give your website visitor more exposures to, or reminders of, your offer in which they have already shown interest. More reminders to buy turns into additional sales from your existing website traffic.

What Are the Best Practices to Implement in Dental Retargeting Ads?

The simplest strategy is to implement dental retargeting ads for everyone that visits your website. Every dental office will benefit from this.

You can have a New Patient Offer, since most website visitors will be new, not returning, patients. New patient offers “knock the prospect off the fence of indecision”. The right New Patient Offer will get your prospects to reach for the phone and immediately call your office to make an appointment.

What Are the Proven New Patient Offers that Attract New Patients Like a Magnet?

After tracking Yellow Page ad campaigns I designed for almost 200 dental practices in 47 states 10 years ago, I discovered which New Patient Offers act like “New Patient Magnets”!

Using a proven New Patient Offer is a short-cut to increased profits and attracting many more new patients per month.

Some dentists do not believe in New Patient Offers. It comes down to, “Would you rather have no new patient, or would you rather give the new patient a discount on their first visit to have them pay full price on every other service they will need for years and years?”

Dentists that implement a New Patient Offer convert a higher percentage of their website visitors and ad responses into new patients than those that do not, because EVERYONE likes to get “a good deal”.

Studies have shown that it is the patients’ experience on this first visit to your practice that they base their decision on whether to come back and become a long-term patient.

If they have a bad experience, or feel they paid too much on their first visit, they will never return.

But if that patient has a great experience, gets personalized attention and gets a deal on their first visit, that patient is much more likely to become a loyal, long-term patient of your practice. So giving your new patients a discount on their first visit not only books more appointments, but it also set up a level of satisfaction that causes many more to continue to patronize the practice!

Where Else Can Retargeting Ads Be Valuable for Dental Practices?

Now we can discuss a more customized approach. What would happen if the prospect who visited your Implants, Mouth Reconstruction or Root Canals page, saw ads for a discount for that exact procedure AFTER they left your website? What if they saw it 1 or 2 times a day for the 5 days following their visit to your website? Simply put, more exposures and reminders of your service = increased sales.

Dentists should not only set up the New Patient Offer for all website visitors, but they should also set up retargeting ads with special offers for ALL their most profitable procedures that are shown to visitors of that specific page.

Where Can Dental Retargeting Ads Be Set Up?

The 2 main venues are:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Both dashboards are complex, and take between 100-200 hours of training and experience to be proficient at setting up your ads.

That is why practices that try out Facebook or Google ads on their own, usually fail to produce a positive result. Even some of the “recommended” settings will not get you the best result.

If you tried this on your own, and did not get a good result, I understand. It takes a depth of knowledge and experience to make these pay-per-click retargeting ads work.

So where do you go from here?

I am offering a FREE Retargeting Discovery Call to discuss how dental retargeting ads will work best for your practice. I personally promise to answer all your questions, and not pressure you to buy anything.

FREE Discovery Call

To book a FREE Discovery Call, go to my online calendar and book a time that works for you here. We will get on the phone for a 30-minute strategy session to discuss the most profitable way to implement these retargeting ads for your practice. I am only offering these FREE Discovery Calls for a limited time, so book an appointment today, before it is no longer FREE!