Google Advertising

The Google My Business listings appear ABOVE the website listings, and are the only business listings in Google Maps!

Google Dental Advertising

In the past, about 80% of Dental prospects used to go to the Yellow Pages to find a local provider. But the internet has changed all that. Now the majority of dental prospects go online to research local dentists.

But where do dental prospects go online to find a local provider? Do they go to, or The answer is a resounding, “No!”.

Best Search Engine Optimization

78% of dental prospects, now go to Google to find a local provider (up from 68% last year).

There is no location online or offline that exceeds Google’s exposure and abilities to get your practice found by local dental prospects. Google also perfectly matches the TIMING of your marketing message being visible at the exact time that a prospect is searching for the dental services you provide, better than any other Media.

Google My Business Pages

Google My Business pages are frequently overlooked as practices focus on optimizing just their website. That is a big mistake!

Google My Business pages appear ABOVE the website listings in Google Search and are the only listings in Google Maps, where all mobile searches are directed.

Google Maps is more than half of all Google searches now, with more and more prospects searching on their cell phones, notepads, or other mobile devices to find a local provider.

If you do not have a Google My Business page for your practice, your practice cannot be found at all in Google Maps.

You should fix this IMMEDIATELY!

I have been providing dental marketing services to local practices since 2002. Our dental marketing strategies and tactics optimize Google My Business (GMB) pages and rank them at or near the top of the Google Search AND Google Maps results for a steady increase of incoming “New Patient” calls.

Google Dental Marketing – The Secret Most Dentists Don’t Know

By tracking and reviewing my clients GMB results, I have found that these Google My Business pages get between 17-22 times more visits than your website. Your Google My Business page is likely the first text, images and reviews that a prospect will see describing your practice, and is therefore more important than your website.

It is only AFTER prospects have reviewed the text, images and reviews on your GMB page to review “your story”, that they click the website icon on the GMB page to go to your website for further research.

What many local dentists do not realize is:

If a prospect is not excited and interested enough about what they see and read on your Google My Business page, then they are unlikely to be interested enough to click on the website icon to investigate your practice further.”

Failure to maximize “your dental practices’ story” on your GMB page with optimized text, images and reviews will cause prospects to lose interest and be attracted to another local practice that has optimized their story on their GMB page for maximum ranking and responsiveness.

Reviews – #1 Factor in Conversion to Sales

Reviews are something that the internet has made readily available. Prospects now use other patients’ reviews as a decision-making short cut, when it comes to choosing a local dental provider. Practices with few or bad reviews suffer poor conversion to sale, because the prospects see that patients are not happy with their results.

But the practices with good reviews convert many more new prospects into patients, because of the increased credibility those good reviews bring. I’ll bet you’re asking, “How do I get a flood of new 5 star reviews for my practice to increase conversion to sale?” I am glad you asked!

I have created a review system that I provide to my dental marketing clients, so that they can attract more 5 star reviews from real patients. Google can tell if a practice is using “Black-hat strategies” to generate more reviews, and they downgrade the ranking of those practices. So you want your practice to get reviews legitimately and consistently.

My review system consistently generates more 5 star reviews than any other dental marketing service I have tested. It is only available to my active clients, because it is just too valuable to risk giving it to my clients’ competition.

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