Dental Facebook Ads

Facebook ads use “interruption marketing” very effectively, and can deliver 15 – 30 new patients to your practice per month!

Facebook Ads Make the Best Dental Marketing

Facebook advertising can work extremely well in getting the phone to ring with new patients calling to book an appointment within a day or two of setting up your campaign.

I know what you are thinking:
“But I have tried Facebook Ads, and they didn’t work for me!”

I know how you feel because I have felt the same way. Facebook ads are an extremely complex marketing system with hundreds of settings and options to understand. Some of the “Recommended” settings will not produce the expected results.

You also have to understand “Distraction Marketing” because most people that are not on Facebook aren’t looking to find a local dentist. It is a 2 step process, and most Facebook marketing omits the second step that dramatically increases conversion to sale. Our dental marketing service adds a third step where the leads are encouraged to call your office for an appointment, so that you don’t have to try to chase these leads down. Most are already booked. Beyond that, all will receive both email and Facebook messenger follow-up, converting many more prospects into new patients.

It is very rare for a business owner to set up their own Facebook ads campaign, and have it provide a good Return On Investment (ROI). There are literally hundreds of ways to set up your campaign incorrectly, and only a few ways to set it up so that it provides a fantastic ROI.

Facebook ad campaigns are best left to the experts who set up campaigns every day, direct that lead to a proven conversion funnel and understand all the nuances needed to make it highly profitable.

Facebook Advertising Case Study

I have a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) client that owns a smog check business here in Las Vegas, Nevada. My client started out paying an average of $1.76 per click. When I took over the campaign, he had an excellent Click Thru Rate (CTR) of 3.12%. Many businesses struggle to get an even 1% CTR. But my client already had a 3.12% CTR.

Over the first 10 months of managing his PPC campaign, here are the results:

  • His average cost per click (CPC) has gone from $1.76 down to only $.94 (saving him $.82 per click)
  • His average Click Thru Rate has gone from 3.12% to 7.16% (up 130%!)
  • Best yet: In that 10 months, his sales more than DOUBLED and his profits more than TRIPLED!

While I cannot guarantee those results for every business, because each business situation and competition level is different, I can assure you that my dental marketing services for PPC campaigns can out produce any practice owner setting up and managing their own Facebook advertising campaign. This is because my Facebook ads experts are setting up campaigns every day, and they already know exactly which techniques work and which techniques to avoid, which saves you a lot of time and money.

This client reports to me that he is continuing to have record sales days, weeks and months with his combined Google My Business and Facebook ads campaigns!

Retargeting with Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you do not want to set up a full Facebook ads campaign, it is wise to at least set up a retargeting campaign. Retargeting is another dental marketing service that we provide as part of all Facebook ads campaigns. Retargeting is where you set up a Facebook advertising campaign just targeting prospects that have visited your practice website, or a specific page in your website.

Because retargeting can DOUBLE your Facebook marketing results, retargeting should be on every practice’s “To Do” list.

Retargeting works by tracking visitors to websites you designate, and displaying your targeted ads to them after they leave the website. I can explain this to you further if you need clarification, but if you have ever found ads “following you around” the internet, these are remarketing ads.

Remarketing can be annoying to prospects, if it is set up wrong. To not annoy prospects (no one ever bought by being annoyed), it is wise to set how often the ads will be shown to them, and after how many views the ads will stop being shown to them.

Facebook Advertising Keeps Working Better and Better

Because Facebook is used by so many people, you really need to have a marketing campaign in place there now too. Some practices will opt for a simple, “create and post to the page” strategy that has very limited results. Other practices will take a more aggressive approach to attracting new patients with a pay-per-click campaign.

Facebook has added Facebook Marketplace and other new features, so I expect Facebook will become an even more lucrative place to advertise in the future.

But, if the campaign is not set up right, it will be as effective as lighting $100 bills on fire. Facebook advertising campaigns are complex, with many ways to set it up incorrectly that can kill your results.

Your best results will come from hiring a Facebook Marketing expert to do your Facebook ad campaigns, so that you can focus on running your dental practice!

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