Dental Marketing Services

With all the different choices in dental marketing services, Social Media, and the printed publications available today, local marketing for dentists has become too complex!

At More Dental Patients Now, our focus is on simplifying your marketing by targeting the largest sources of dental prospects.

This strategy of targeting the largest source of dental prospects, getting the TIMING of delivery of your marketing message right and using a maximum number of response triggers, provides the most consistent and highest possible Return On Your Dental Marketing Investment!

To simplify local dental marketing, our dental marketing services focus first on the top 3, proven most successful local marketing methods to attract dozens more high-income patients to your practice.

These are the dental marketing services that will do the most to increase your net profits:

1) Your Practices’ Google My Business Page (In both Google Search and Google Maps) – More details here
2) Facebook Ad Campaigns – More details here
3) Dental Search Engine Optimization – More details here