Let’s review the fundamentals of Dental Marketing 101 –

Dental Marketing = The Right Message + the Right Market + In the Right Media + Visible at the Time your Prospect is Searching for a Provider

The Right Message – You need a powerfully compelling marketing message to increase the prospect’s interest in your practice so highly that they immediately reach for the phone to book an appointment. The right marketing message increases credibility and positions your practice to be the “Dental Practice of Choice”. I wrote a book on the 12 Response Triggers that cause prospects to respond in 2002, that increase the impact and conversion to sale of your marketing message. It has been proven that the more reasons you give a prospect to respond, the higher their interest in your practice gets and conversion to sale always increases. I can see what your marketing message is missing, and add the Response Triggers that will convert more of your prospects into patients.

To the Right Target Market – For most Dentists, the ideal target market is higher income prospects that live within a 10 – 15 mile radius of your practice location. If you do not target your marketing message, anyone can and will respond, which can fill your practice with less than desirable patients (as you may have already found out).

In the Media Most Prospects Use – 78% of prospects now go online to Google Search and Google Maps to source a local provider when they do not have a referral (up from 68% last year). A dental practice’s first focus should be on the marketing that is going to bring them the most new patients and the highest possible ROI. Yet I see many dental practices using marketing that will never work because they did everything else right, but chose the wrong Media where very few prospects will ever see their marketing message.

Visible at the Time They Need Your Services – Timing of your marketing message is the #1 aspect that dental marketers miss. If a prospect sees your ad when they do not need your services, they will ignore your ad and have no recollection of ever seeing it. Prospects are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages daily, and have trained their eyes to only pay attention to items of immediate interest to them. That is why it is critical that your marketing message be timed to be seen by prospects specifically when they are looking for a local provider. You can’t rely on the prospect “remembering your ad”. Here is my detailed research on the Timing of your marketing message.

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