Larry Conn

Larry Conn is a world-renown direct response marketer that has worked with the top dental marketing companies in the world!

Larry Conn is the owner of More Dental Patients Now. He has more than 40 years experience building local practices with the most cost-effective dental marketing strategies and tactics. Larry has worked with top dental marketing companies as their “secret weapon” since 2004. He is a world-renown expert in direct-response marketing and attracting a steady flow of new patients at a lower cost per call than other sources for local dental practices.

Larry gained his experience in marketing by building and selling 3 local service businesses of his own in his hometown of Newport Beach, CA, beginning in 1976. He then began offering marketing consulting to other local businesses. Many other dental marketing consultants and companies lack the experience and skills developed by building their own local service businesses prior to consulting other practices.

In 2002, Larry wrote a book on the 12 Advertising Response Triggers to use in Local Marketing that cause prospects to increasingly build interest to the point where they feel they have overwhelming reasons to use your dental practice, and immediately call to book an appointment.

Since then, Larry has been asked to speak at dental marketing companies events about how to increase dental marketing ROI. He has spoken to audiences of as many as 300 dentists, and designed dental marketing campaigns for more than 237 dentists in 47 states and 9 countries. In that process, he has reviewed the results of over $12,000,000 in dental marketing campaigns he was paid to create.

This dental marketing research revealed exactly which benefits, personal promises, new patient offers and credibility elements works best to attract the most new, high-income patients.

Stratospheric Dental Marketing Company Results

That $12,000,000 in dental advertising generated more than $212,000,000 in “first visit” dental sales! When you calculate the Lifetime Value of a Patient, the ROI is stratospheric compared to most dental marketing companies.

“Larry discovered that the more response triggers that are included in your dental marketing message, the more high-income new patients and Return On Investment that marketing receives.”

Larry has had dental practices write him that the dental online marketing plan he designed for their practices had as high a 20 to 1 ROI! That means that for every $1 dollar spent, the practice received $20 back in first appointment sales.

“Just reviewed the statistics for the month of June, and year to date with my husband. I have a 20 to 1 ROI on my dental marketing created by Larry. That’s the highest return on investment of ALL my marketing! I highly recommend his services.”Jill and Dr. David Sisson, DDS

Now You Can Hire Larry Directly for Your Dental Practice Digital Marketing!

Larry used to be Direct-Response marketing veteran Dan Kennedy’s recommended “Yellow Pages Guy”. He was also the “secret-weapon” for dental marketing companies and gurus like Dr. Tom Orent of 1000 Gems, Ed O’Keefe of Dentist Profits, Jay Geier from the Scheduling Institute and others, working behind the scenes.

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Speakers on copywriting at the GKIC Super Conference in Chicago: Jeff Paul, Dan Kennedy, TJ Rohleder, Larry Conn and Dr. Neilson

GKIC Super Conference

Hire Larry for Your Dental Practice Digital Marketing

Now Larry is offering his proven dental online marketing system directly to a select few dentists who are eager to fill their calendars with new, high-income  patients that stay, pay promptly and refer their friends and family to your practice in days, not weeks or months. He only works with 1 dental practice per area, so that your results are not cut in half by a competitor. Book your appointment for a Free Discovery Call with him BEFORE your competition does!

You can find out more details about Larry Conn’s more than 40 years of direct marketing experience at

To schedule a FREE Discovery Call with Larry about your practice, you can call (775) 277-3722.

If you want profitable new high-income patients from your advertising, I’ve been recommending Larry for over 4 years with excellent results!”
Jay Geier, The Scheduling Institute

Larry is an absolute master at Local Marketing!

Ed O’Keefe, President, Dentist Profits

Now I have more calls to my office, more new patients, and more income!

Dr. Mike Dossett, DDS

Larry, this is a “Kick Ass” ad! It certainly communicates what we do, and why the prospect should choose us over the competition.

Dr. James Fairfield

Just want to thank you for working me in over the holidays.  I truly appreciate your design and getting it done on such short notice and with delays on our part.  Thank you!

Maria Marzo DDS

Thanks Larry for a great job!

Dr. Larry Stroud, DDS