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Facebook ad sample for Dental business

Facebook Advertising

Imagine getting your dental practice in front of up to 50,000 prospects in a 10 mile radius of your practice location, and getting new patients economically in just 48 hours of launching the campaign! You can reach your ideal target patients by selecting age, gender, interests, net worth, recent movers, Moms with children, mobile device users, shopping behaviors and up to 100 other targeting factors!

If you have tried Facebook ads and failed, I understand. There are hundreds of different audiences, and even some of the recommended settings provide terrible results. Doing Facebook ads the wrong way is like lighting $100 bills on fire. But our dental marketing agency has the experience, strategies and techniques to create fantastic results, in just a matter of days.

We generate hundreds of leads and convert them to new dental patients for our clients with our innovative, proven and highly successful Facebook ad campaigns. These leads go to our landing pages that are programmed with the power of our proven sales conversion funnels. Then we follow up with these leads with emails and even messages delivered by Facebook messenger, which has an almost 100% open rate!

Our Facebook Ad Campaigns produce outstanding results that not only generate cost-effective leads, but triggers the leads to immediately call your office to book their appointment.

This saves your office the hassle of trying to call the leads back, reach them live, remind them that they called and asking them to schedule an appointment. Our Conversion Funnel System combined with email and Facebook messenger follow-up, converts many more of the leads generated, into booked appointments. This will increase your profit margins dramatically!

Our clients stay with our dental marketing agency because of the value in new patients we deliver, not because of contractual obligations.

Local SEO Ranking for Dental Business

Google Search Engine Optimization Experts

Did you know that 78% of prospects searching for a local provider go to Google (up from 68% last year)? Ranking highly in Google Search and Google Maps can make your phone ring with incoming calls like you have never seen before. Our dental marketing agency excels at ranking Google My Business pages, which drive tons of Google traffic to your website.

Here is a 5 minute video showing you where on Google most local dental prospects look for a provider – Google Dental Marketing.

At More Dental Patients Now, we specialize in cutting-edge “White-hat” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to get you ranking highly in both Google Search AND Google Maps, which is most frequently used on mobile devices like smart phones and notepads high-income prospects use to find a local provider.

The 2 most important things that will drive traffic to your business are:

1) Your Google visibility, achieved with higher ranking

2) Your Google and Yelp reputation, achieved a positive review rating

Our dental marketing agency will implement strategies to dramatically increase both your online visibility and reputation, because many prospects now use reviews as a “decision-making short-cut”, so your review profile is more important than ever!

Local SEO Includes: 

► Google My Business page optimization

► Website visitor behavior tracking with Google Analytics and Search Console

► Errors and problems that Google found in your website monitored and fixed with Google Search Console

► Google Analytics and Search Console connected for valuable visitor data

► Keyword Rank Tracking of top 100 keywords to monitor improvements

► And many other strategies and tactics to increase your practice’s visibility and online reputation, based on what is working to increase ranking with Google’s latest algorithm update

You can schedule a Discovery Call with Larry about how to get more new patients quickly at my online calendar here – Calendly.com/asklarryconn

About Our Dental Marketing Agency

Our dental marketing agency’s mission is to provide superior local marketing results, customer service and Return On Investment for our “Area Exclusive” Dental Clients. More Dental Patients Now does that by using cutting-edge strategies to attract new patients at a lower cost than your competition. You gain a competitive advantage as well as a larger profit margin. This turns your dental marketing from “speculation and gambling” into a reliable investment with terrific ROI. We offer the dental marketing agency services that fill your dental calendar with high-income new patients that pay, stay and refer their friends and family.

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